To maximize safety and effectiveness, you must meet certain criteria to get LASIK. Many of these factors may involve waiting or fixing pre-existing visual problems. Others may mean you’ll need to seek an alternate form of vision correction.  The only way to be positive if

you are a qualified LASIK candidate is to schedule a LASIK screening. Chesen Laser Eye Center is located in West Reading, PA and setting up a consultation is easy! Keep reading to learn more about some of the things we look for in a LASIK candidate! 

You Must Have A Stable Prescription

If your prescription is not stable or fluctuates, LASIK could be ineffective. LASIK treats eyes by reshaping the cornea.  This is a permanent change! If your prescription fluctuates before LASIK, it could still fluctuate after the procedure. For best results, you can’t get LASIK until your vision stabilizes. In most cases, you will need to have had a stable prescription for at least a year.   

You Must Be Older Than 18

Many patients end up waiting until they are in their twenties to get LASIK. Hormones as a teenager will affect your prescription.  Once you are in your twenties, your hormones will calm down. With a stable prescription, you can consider LASIK. 

You Must Not Be Pregnant

Pregnancy hormones can cause your vision to change without warning. For the health of you and your unborn child, you should wait to have LASIK until after you’ve stopped nursing.  When you get LASIK, you will take prescription eye drops. These drops prevent infection and inflammation. If you are still nursing, you could pass these chemicals to your baby by breastfeeding. 

You Must Be Willing To Follow Instructions

The surgery itself takes minutes to perform, but recovery can take several months. Recovering from LASIK is easy as long as you follow all doctor’s instructions. You will need to do things such as:

  • Attend follow up visits to watch your progress.
  • Postpone stressful and dangerous activities like contact sports or construction work.Use eye drops as instructed.
  • Avoid getting water in your eyes.

Before the surgery, you will stop wearing contacts 2 weeks before. Contact lenses can temporarily change the shape of your cornea before LASIK. You should also avoid wearing perfume or makeup before the procedure. 

Your Eyes Must Be Healthy

Eye injuries and diseases may disqualify you from LASIK. Treating most diseases and waiting for eye injuries to heal may make you a better candidate. Certain diseases and excessive scarring may mean that you cannot get LASIK. 

Your Corneas Must Be Thick Enough

If you are getting LASIK, you must have thick enough corneas. LASIK requires removing a small amount of corneal tissue. When the corneal tissue is removed, the cornea becomes reshaped.  Reshaping your cornea results in vision correction.  If your corneas are not thick enough, you may qualify for a similar procedure! Another procedure that is like LASIK, known as “PRK”, works for people with thin corneas.  Don’t forget to sign up for a consultation—you could begin your LASIK journey with Chesen Laser Eye Center today!