The internet has provided us with incredible ways to spread and share information. It’s never been easier to make research and learning easy and accessible. It has also lead to the spread of dangerous misinformation that can lead to doubt, confusion, or even harm.
It is very important to

make sure you are getting your information from credible sources. This is especially true when you are researching something like cataract surgery. Separate the fact from fiction with these cataract surgery myths to forget! 

Cataracts Are Preventable Or Reversible 

Cataracts are a natural part of life. Everyone will get them at one point or another. While there is no way to stop them, you can reduce your risks of developing them early. The best way to do that is to practice healthy lifestyle habits. These include:

  • quitting smoking if you’re a smoker
  • reducing your alcohol consumption
  • eating a diet that’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • protecting your eyes from the sun
  • exercising often

Cataracts Grow Back After Surgery

Cataracts form on the lens of the eye. During cataract surgery, the entire lens gets removed. With the lens removed, there is no way for a cataract to grow back. 
The lens is replaced with an artificial lens or IOL. It is possible for a secondary cataract to form on the IOL. If this happens, it is a complication from the surgery. The secondary cataract is simple and easy to remove.

Cataract Surgery Is Painful

Your eyes will be numb during the operation. This means the most you may feel is slight discomfort. After cataract surgery, patients say the most uncomfortable part is the flap creation. 
Even while being uncomfortable, this is not considered a painful part of the surgery. 

Cataract Surgery Is Dangerous

This myth could not be more false! Cataract surgery is considered  one of the safest procedures. Like any surgery, there are risks and complications to consider. 
They are rare, since the procedure has evolved over the years. This is thanks to new techniques and technology that come out frequently. With new techniques, cataract surgery has never been safer! 

Only Old People Get Cataracts

While age is a big risk factor for developing cataracts, it’s not the only one. In fact, you can be born with cataracts! These are known as congenital cataracts. 
You could get cataracts at an earlier age if you are diabetic or have injured your eyes. Participating in choices like smoking can also cause cataracts at a younger age. 

You Should Get Cataract Surgery Right Away

You may think that you should get cataract surgery right when you get cataracts, but it’s wrong. Instead, the best time to remove cataracts is when they contribute to vision loss. Cataracts are not something that develop overnight. 
Instead, they can take several years to grow and develop. During this time, you are not likely to notice any difference in your vision. Cataract surgery becomes necessary when you can no longer complete everyday tasks. Consult your eye doctor to help decide when it is appropriate to have the surgery.
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