While LASIK isn’t a difficult procedure to undergo, you still have to be prepared before having it. Want the best results possible? 
Check out these 4 tips for preparing before LASIK to set yourself up for a safe recovery!  

1. Stop Wearing Your Contacts

In the weeks before your surgery date, you will need to rely solely on your glasses. This is because contact lenses actually temporarily change the shape of your corneas. 
As a result, you’ll need to stop wearing contacts about two to three weeks before LASIK. This gives your corneas enough time to resume their natural shape and gives you the best results! Your LASIK surgeon will let you know the exact time you should stop wearing your contacts.

2. Do Not Wear Makeup On Your Face The Day Of LASIK

On the day of your LASIK procedure, you need to have a completely clean face. This means you can’t wear any makeup or lotions the morning of. 
Makeup, lotions, and perfumes can irritate your eyes. You should do your best to not allow your eyes to become irritated after having LASIK. 
After LASIK, your eyes will be more sensitive and prone to infection than normal. You should take every opportunity before the operation to ensure a smooth recovery. 
Although you may not want to, it’s a good idea to get rid of old makeup before LASIK. This is the perfect place for bacteria to breed and could cause a serious infection. 
If your makeup is older than three months, throw it away to be safe. Look on the bright side: you can buy better makeup after your eyes have healed!

3. Get a Ride To And From The Surgery

Although many people experience vision improvement after LASIK, you can’t drive home afterward. This is for both your own safety and the safety of others on the road. Most patients can drive the day after LASIK.
LASIK only takes about 30 minutes to complete on both eyes. You’ll need to rest for a little while after, and then you’ll be able to go home. 
If you cannot find a friend or family member available to drive you, you can always turn to a taxi service. You should be okay to drive the next day, but play it by ear and don’t drive if it feels unsafe. 

4. Prepare A List Of Questions To Ask

When you come in for your LASIK consultation, you will be given an overview of what to expect before LASIK. It’s important to have realistic expectations about the procedure. 
After your consultation, it’s helpful to prepare a list of any questions you may have. Being nervous before any surgical procedure, including LASIK, is normal. 
Asking these questions should help you feel like you’re in control and have an idea of what will happen. The goal is to make sure you feel as relaxed as possible before beginning, so don’t feel like it’s too late to ask! 
Asking questions should also help build a relationship of trust with your surgeon. You should feel like you can trust the person who will be operating on your eyes. Knowing that you’re comfortable makes it easier. 
Want to find out if LASIK could be right for you? Schedule a LASIK consultation at Chesen Laser Eye Center in West Reading, PA! Don’t let your fear of the unknown stand in your way of beautiful visual freedom!