Eye melanoma is a type of cancer that is difficult to detect. It may not cause signs and symptoms and is found more often in men than in women.

Risk Factors:

  • Extended exposure to sunlight and/or tanning beds
  • Having light hair & eye color (blue or green eyes) or being fair skinned
  • Being Caucasian
  • Having oculodermal melanocytosis, (increased and abnormal pigmentation of the eye and skin around the eye)
  • Having abnormal pigmentation of the eyelid or uvea
  • Having dysplastic nevus syndrome (abnormal moles)

Eye melanoma is not usually able to be detected by looking in the mirror.

  • vision loss or peripheral vision loss
  • One eye having blurry vision
  • Floaters
  • Dark spot on the iris (or change of iris color)
  • Change in the shape of the pupil
  • Seeing flashing lights
  • Red and/or painful eye
  • Bulging eye

Prevention of Eye Melanoma:

  • Stay out of the sun from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. This is when the sun causes the most damage. Wear sunglasses with UV protection.
  • Stay in the shade. This will reduce your risk of UV exposure.
  • Stay away from tanning beds & booths. This type of UV exposure is just as dangerous as being in the sun.