While the best time to get LASIK is always the sooner the better, the early months of the year may be ideal. Doing it at the end of the year causes more stress than it’s worth. 
The holiday season is crazy; can you imagine recovering during them? Why not get LASIK when you have more free time? 

The other thing to consider is spring, especially if you have allergies. Trying to recover with sensitive eyes during allergy season is a disaster! 
This is even worse if you want to rub your eyes. Rubbing your eyes is bad enough, but rubbing pollen into them after LASIK? Yikes! 
If this is the year you’ve decided to get LASIK, don’t wait any longer! Keep reading to find out more about the ideal time for LASIK! 

How LASIK Can Help You

There are many benefits of LASIK that aren’t measurable.  Sure, your eyesight becomes better, but many people who haven’t had glasses take that for granted. 
There’s security in knowing you’ll always be able to see! You’ll also be able to stop worrying about forgetting your contacts. 
And no more late night freak outs that you might have broken your glasses. There’s a great deal of freedom that comes from being able to do what you want, when you want without worrying. 
You can read, swim, or exercise without thinking about how you’ll see. 

What Recovering From LASIK Is Like

Again, while the beginning of the year may be the best time for LASIK, anytime is good. This is because recovering from LASIK is almost always easy and fast.
For the first few days, you may experience some blurriness. Right after LASIK, your eyesight will become noticeably better. Your vision might be a little smoky but that goes away after a few days. 
During your recovery, you can read or watch TV but avoid strenuous activities. Even bending over could be too much pressure for your sensitive eyes! 
Your eyes will be the most fragile during the first few weeks of recovery. During this time, avoid playing sports, exercising, swimming, and using hot tubs. You’ll need to be extra careful while showering even, as water could lead to infection.  
After LASIK, you’ll have several follow up appointments. The first one is usually the next day after your procedure. 
It’s important that you attend all appointments. This ensures your recovery can be followed and problems can get fixed early if they are found. 

Your LASIK Consultation

During your LASIK consultation, you will take several tests. You’ll also need to answer detailed questions about your medical history. This ensures that you are a good candidate for LASIK. Although life-changing, LASIK is not right for everyone. If you are a candidate, this is the best time to ask any questions you may have about LASIK. 
It’s okay if you’re a little nervous, because it’s normal! LASIK is safe but the unknown can often be the most terrifying! 
Ready to make your LASIK dreams a reality? Schedule your LASIK consultation at Chesen Laser Eye Center in Reading, PA today!