Both Hepatitis B and C can cause of chronic liver disease and liver cancer. These viruses can also affect the eyes. Fortunately, the number of new Hepatitis viruses in the United States has been declining.

Hepatitis B and Your Eyes

The following three Hepatitis B complications can affect the eyes.

  • Retinal Vasculitis
  • Third Nerve Palsy
  • Optic Neuritis and Uveitis

Retinal Vasculitis refers to inflammation of the blood vessels inside the eye that affects the retina. Third Nerve Palsy is the result a lack of blood flow to the third nerve. Optic Neuritis is an inflammatory condition affecting the nerve cable that connects the eye to the brain. Uveitis is also an inflammatory condition affecting the front part of the eye.

Hepatitis C and Your Eyes

Hepatitis C infection has been associated with sialadenitis, an inflammatory disease that weakens the salivary glands and causes dry mouth and eyes . Another disease that is found in people with Hepatitis C is Sjogren’s Syndrome.